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We are a London-based team passionate about good health. We created INKKA after feeling remarkable improvements in our wellbeing with the consumption of the Peruvian superfoods. We then decided to bring these superfoods to the UK, starting with the quinoa ‘mother grain’. Our aim is to not only provide you with the goodness of the Peruvian superfoods but to also help you live a healthy lifestyle long-term.

We are proud to be the UK’s first and only distributor of 100% Quinoa Pasta. There are many gluten-free pasta alternatives in the UK that are made of corn, rice, buckwheat or potato. Some of these manufacturers include some quinoa but none of them include quinoa as a single grain. As a result, they deprive you of the full goodness of quinoa.


Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, and tennis star Novak Djokovic are just a few of the celebrities who have reportedly claimed that going gluten-free has not only given them more energy but has improved their physical and mental health, which is another reason why we are so passionate about our products.

We want to bring you not just good-for-you products but also good-for-you health education. That’s why on our team we have a qualified Nutritionist with years of experience in holistic healthcare.



We aim to provide long-terms benefits not just to our consumers and clients but also to our farmers. INKKA’s growth brings prosperity to the local communities in Peru and the possibility for a better future for their children.

Our mission is to not only contribute to a better diet but also to a more just world.
That’s why every purchase you make does good not just to your health but also to the lives of many farmers and their families. And we thank you for this contribution.


The INKKA logo incorporates the sun as its central image to celebrate the ancient sun god “Inti” (as well as the colours red and white from Peru’s national flag). In Incan culture, Inti is the god of agriculture and is often illustrated as a golden disc with protruding rays. According to their central mythology, the Incas believed that Inti was the sun of “Viracocha”.

Viracocha was both the god who created the world and a man who travelled the earth performing miracles and undertaking kind gestures. Having this powerful meaning behind our identity, we aim to get as close as possible to this ‘healing energy’ of performing good in the world.